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Saturday, March 5, 2022

3 Ways Special Needs Kids Can Find Inspiration This Summer


Special needs kids have a lot to live up to.
3 Ways Special Needs Kids Can Find Inspiration This Summer

Sure, they have their own set of challenges and frustrations. But so do we all! The difference is that special needs kids often have extra hurdles to jump over in order to feel like the rock stars they are.

It can be hard for special needs kids to be inspired. They don't always hear the feedback they need from peers and mentors, which means they may struggle with confidence and motivation. That's why we're here to help—these three ways can help you give your special needs kid an extra boost this summer:

1) Have them teach others about their skills and interests. Not only does this help build confidence, it helps them share what matters most to them with the people who care about them most.

2) Include your child in discussions about future plans as much as possible. Let them know you're thinking of what's best for them now AND in the future—and that you're taking their feelings into consideration when making decisions.

3) Encourage your child's accomplishments! If they've learned a new skill, let them know how awesome it is that they've expanded their horizons! It doesn't matter if the skill is something "everybody" else already knows how to.

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